The second book in The Elite Team Series.  Authored by Cody Runnels, the Elite Team heads out on a camping trip with Cody’s dad, Dusty (“Dusty Rhodes”). As the campfire glows, the legend of Claw Mountain proves to be more than just a story. As the team turns against each other when blinded by their differences,  can Cody find a way to lead the team back together?

Matt and Nick were inseparable!

They went to school together, shared the same room, and even finished each other’s sentences. They thought they could take on anything, inside the wrestling ring and out, with their Elite Team friends by their sides.
But when Matt and Nick are singled out, Who will have the courage to stand up and speak out?

Colt loves to wrestle! He dresses in his best wrestling gear, practices his moves, and studies his favorite heroes. But when the neighborhood doesn’t approve of his dreams, will anyone believe in him?

Robbie and the sugar bug family were the best of friends! It was always sprinkle donuts for breakfast, lollipops for lunch, and gummies for dinner.

But then things started to go rotten…

Theodore’s tough talk bullies those around him.

When mean words continue to leave Theodore’s loose lips,
his dad warns him to watch out…

What happens when Theodore wakes up to find himself terrifically tongue tied?