Artist In Residence

Trism Book Illustration residency program focuses on helping illustrators and artists advance their storytelling career.  The 3 month program takes you as an artist on a journey through the book making process. 

Using our motto “There is a story in each of us”, the residency program aims to take the perfect story ideas and turn them into a publishable work. Our residents have access to our art director, professional editors, writers, resident illustrators, as well as published illustrators, authors, animators, and industry leading storyboarder artists.  All residents work toward the finishing of a publishable children’s book from idea to  completed art. 

Residency projects will be sent off to our book design team for formating, typeset, proofing, printing, and will be published traditionally after completion.  They will be made available for the library, book trade, and traditional book selling community. 

The program is non-residential so onsite no room/board is needed.

Residents are asked to be mentors to the online community, sharing their process and methods. The expectation is for residents to share the book making process with the public.

As a virtual residency, Social media will be a large part of our public engagement. Instagram specifically will be used to share the storytelling journey. Residents will be expected to make weekly process oriented posts and commit to critique of other resident members in the public forum. Through collaboration we look to organize a range of events dedicated to the art of storytelling. Such as art lectures, children’s programming, library engagements.

To Apply Contact: [email protected]