Adam’s faded second-hand guitar never left his side. He played it at home. He played it at school. He even slept with it. As Adam and the rest of the Elite Team practiced their talents, Adam felt overshadowed by his friends. He just wasn’t good enough… When he heard about the legend of the Golden Horseshoe, and its charm to make champions, he knew he had to find it for himself. But on his quest, Adam finds more than just the horseshoe. Will he finally find the champion within himself?


Author and Professional Wrestler Adam Page

Adam Page often felt he was overshadowed by his wrestling friends. But when the time came, their support helped him realize that he had all the tools he needed to be a champion. Golden horseshoe or not, Adam Page has been a successful professional wrestler for 11 years, reaching heights he never imagined. Connect with Adam on Twitter @theAdamPage and Instagram @hangmanadampage